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tg-s swimming pool tiles

TTouch TG-S transparent glazed special tile. This is the newest product of our product lines which gives you more precise in color and size. Now we provide you crystal-look only!!!

Highly recommended for swimming pools or ponds. Normally usage of tiling for resorts, spas and hotels, and it can also be tiled on floors, walls, kitchens, etc.


Size available :

size available

* We can apply tiles on mesh sheets (size 33x33).
* TGs swimming Pool Accessories, Click here!!

Choose a Swimming Pool Tile to Make Your Pool Unique Designs 

** Our agent in South Africa Rudolph & Van Vuuren

ttouch swimming pool tile gp

TTouch - GP glazed premium crystal look tiles. Highly recommended for swimming pool or pond. Normally usage of tiling for resorts, spas and hotels, and it can also be used for wall, kitchen, etc.


  • It's a handmade ceramic tile.
  • TTouch - GP is the most favorable used for swimming pools, mainly in luxury resort and five stars hotels in Thailand such as All Season Hotel Bangkok, Grace Hotel in Phuket, See our customers for more, Click here
  • Highly Recommended by architects and interior designers
  • It gives an unique color looked like natural touch.
  • Durability
  • Exclusively used
  • Environmental friendly, non-toxic (approved by MTEC)
  • Firing at high temperature 1250°c - 1300°c
  • It can be dynamic used in variety such as kitchens, corridors, walls, etc.
  • It's can be used in every climates.
  • Very low in water absorption qualification, water passed tiles to swimming pools only 1 % ( approved by MTEC ) .

Size available :

size available

* We can also apply tiles on mesh sheets (size 33x33).
* GP series Natural touch click here!!

gp crystal look swimming pool tiles


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