7 December 2004 Khun Nattawan Kraikabkaew be interviewed with Web site

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on 7 December 2547  Nuttawan Kraikabkaew MD of Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd which be a company sell and contract Tiling swimming pool tile universal standard include sell and contract for Tiling KENZAI Tile, RCI Tile , Kera Tile ,  nature stone every kind  pebble washes ,  the sand washes ,  polished stone  , sandstone  , spathe stone , mountain stone and  Weber Cementitious Tile Adhesivesand ot gecko brand cement.

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When a business sells earthenware's father made more than 30 years has come a need to give to others. Nuttawan and caste brethren. Therefore decide to set out its own. Using basic knowledge of the father had helped run the company and the former gradually learn and develop themselves. From small companies and a gradual growth is more widely known.

       Nuttawan Kraikabkaew tell  beg father for comes out to start 3 brethren at year 2003. because they do not want to take a salary of only satellite company that was your father before. The investment started together with approximately 1 million registered Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. but brands that use the name T Touch, which is the same business. Is selling earthenware.
       “Nuttawan graduate industrial engineering  from Thammasat University . as soon as graduate come to help a father sell about 1 enough base  know where must go to  where have a work gives us we continued it without  stumble. Start running the client market is that we are always running use KENZAI brand that we are the main distributors. Medium before the start of our own products. Science from the KENZAI we enhance our product offering to customers."

       The first started commpany have help  both only Nuttawan and elder a younger brother  begin come to help at the end year 2003 .

       “Nuttawan will View of Marketing. Run a primary market for customers, Architects  we must meet a customer because  be new company  elder brother is in the handicraft section. Systems installed them all. younger brother will be the coordination between the memory brother"
       With no knowledge about business. Because helps daddy is rush sale only then unknown format trade manipulate money  Nattawan then consult friend from NECTEC office. which get advise give in training a business in reinforce new entrepreneur  of Ministry of Industry.

       Nattawan mention a problem in doing business that  a problem is first have plentiful because be new company have no the fame customer have not believe.then have no pay money  before distribute.
       We need to send him before the money has to be stored. Stores are trying to be all cash. It may be a major task. We need to credit him. Allows us to turn out with the speculation sometime has critical finance It must borrow to relatives. have some problem is the technician. But brother have good cre. then not so much problem.
       have some problem with a factory. because be local factory  like villagers. often have problems of late delivery. will must have a time If missing.
       competition side Nattawan tell  because of a company still tiny overhead still low the price then can stretch.
       we have skillful work technician is person set up all-inclusively.  150 baht wage  technician per square metre if , wall  180  baht. we desig have different  that be like  there is some generation  and have many the format choose . the part and Lampang tile -Thai (L-Thai)  at have famous long ago. we  enough can fight  because cheap more and the quality is similar to.
       “about model of the tile. factory will design new style continually. if  an architect want different model can design to give us make alike.”
       first-year at begin a business. there is the income 1-2 hundred thousand baht per month only. but now increase to 3 million baht per month. by now still sell KENZAI cooperates products from a factory Kaerang coat tile Lampang province.
       “we begin have any famous in the realm. but not much.  Our company just begin reach second proportionate this be considered satisfied then okay"
      And to provide its customers access to more products. Expand to wider markets Nattawan then prepare to open a office at seri thai Road  and  contact for enter sold in HOMEPRO and HOME MARTas well.
       "the sold in HOMEPRO and HOME MART stay between wait for summarize the price. Hope that sales would come increase a little. Then going to see other tile  which  that trend continue once the market is what kind.”        
       interest Terracotta Tile “T Touch” can see in or call. 0-2729-8460

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