15 March 2004 Khun Nattawan Kraikabkaew be interviewed in television list of Nation Channel

at 15 March 2004 Khun Nattawan Kraikabkaew MD of Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. which be a company sell and contract for Tiling swimming pool tile universal standard include sell and contract for  KENZAI Tile , RCI Tile , KERA Tile , nature stone every kind  pebble washes , sand washes , polished stone  , spathe stone , mountain stone is and Weber Cementitious Tile Adhesives or  gecko brand cement.

get be interviewed in television list 'Suggest to the rich' of Television station Nation Channel TV.

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News of TTOUCH

TTOUCH raise glazed Terracotta pond tile to material tiling swimming pool market , emphasize premium customer.
December 2550 Khun Kanthorn Kraikabkaew get be interviewed in a magazine "Golf Lover Magazine" in the column 'business outlook'
19 June 2004 Khun Nattawan get attend give the knowledge with new entrepreneur in the work associates new entrepreneur
7 December 2004 Khun Nattawan Kraikabkaew be interviewed with Web site
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