TTOUCH raise glazed Terracotta pond tile to material tiling swimming pool market , emphasize premium customer.

TTOUCH raise earthenware swimming pool tile . entry market materials in tiling swimming pool. Highlight premium customers. -- Tuesday 11 September 2007 14:54:04

         Bangkok--11 September--News Perfect Communication
         Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. an expert in marketing materials tiling the pool floor and walls.raise Terracotta Tile pond tile be the spearhead. fully work specialist install emphasize the serve all in one ( One Stop Service )  Target groups premium customer.fully prepare enlarge foreign countries market too much go up for push overall sales are up over 10%.


      Khun Kanthorn Kraikabkaew sales manager Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. disclose that TTOUCH be expert  materials tiling swimming pool and sell material lay floor and walls  a kind is all Products and services of major companies Is divided into 4 groups work together such as     1. Earthenware tile work especial format of a company  2. KENZAI Tile works  3. nature stone kind all work  and 4.Special orders for production. Design based on customer needs. Technician with the installation expertise of all group work. Experienced more than 20 years.

         "TTOUCH be be freshman company that base be  which  be of father  for enlarge a business and administrate with young generation. for  more variet open manage in year 2003 emphasize both of in market  and the foreign market. there is transporting goes out to sell still all country many country worldwides.    products of TTOCU the majority emphasizes to premium product. however now the competition in this market still use price strategy is a principle. which company can compete.because of  having factory under is belong to oneself. Management costs are not much higher. Because the company is not large. The service is fast. Acceptance of a customer. On the earthware market. Will be approximately 4-5 major competitors because of a specific market only. Customers in the relatively limited.The company is looking for a chance to export more. Current channel key. Marketing of the company. Will be marketed directly to targeted customers. And through the medium such as hotel owners, home design companies, architects to general contractors. Also participating in the auction of government. And various other private companies with sales growing at a rate of 10% every year continue,

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