Tile Grout for Swimming Pools

Tile Grout  for Swimming Pools
Weber Color HR
weber hr

weber hr 24kg.


Special promotion for  2011
Tile Grout  for Swimming Pools especially
weber.color HR every color decrease special 10%

Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. be the experienced person in the sale and Tiling Swimming Pool more than 20 years experience contract Tiling work contact Khun Pong 081-3376295

see works tiling swimming pool tile preceding Click here

  • tile grout for swimming pool durable chemicals is full-flavoured in the medicinal liquid for clean the pond be special grout at pillar element doesn't react with oxygen in air  which  cause white slough.
  • for tile wide rut 2 10 mm. by don't split up.
  • using quantity on the average 32 sq.m. with 24 Kg.
  • check using quantity of weber.color HR Click here
  • have 5 color for choose
    white , grey , pearl , blue , green
  • have 2 size is big size 24Kg. and small size 1 box(have 4 bucket 1bucket has 3Kg.)

The price of tile grout.

  • price 1big bucket 24 Kg. white, gray, pearl - Call - baht, small size 1 box - Call - baht
  • price 1big bucket 24 Kg. blue, green - Call - baht, small size 1box - Call - baht
  • please contact withKhun Gong or Khun Lek
    call  02-379-9065-7  for take special discount

weber hr 600


Tile Grout
Flooring Primer
Flexible Tile Grout
Concrete Admixture
Paste Tile Adhesives
Cementitious Tile Adhesives
repairing wall and ceiling substrates for perfectly smooth finishing
Efflorescence prevention tile grout for interior and exterior wall and floor
Extra narrow tile grout for joint width between 0.2-3 mm
High-performance cementitious adhesive for fixing all kinds of tiles with efflorescence prevention
light-weight tile adhesive
Weber Product

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