Concrete Admixture


Concrete Admixture of Company Saint-Gobain Weber

Concrete Admixture of Weber
weber.neo latex

Concrete Admixture for increase efficiency of sticking and the work of Mortar cement and the concrete  (Latex Resint is 50%)

surface cement old repair
the work fines ground cement level be the one step that must give precedence. because if  the cement that want to fine new level has can not to sticking with cement surface originall. as a result will have all problem follow come to later.

fining level cement ground divide get 2 the cause as follows.
for the work repairs
such as  surface repair originally revival tile old back goes out fining level on cement old ground the work repairs or  add concrete skin must to add the ability joins the concrete. for enhance sticking  between new cement with cement old ground.

for the new work
at want to give cement meat has high sticking smooth surface and don't split up. for extend the usability long ago advise give add Concrete Admixture for enhance sticking also.

Tool and equipment
1. brush for the work leak to seep (product code 4BMI)
2. large-sized bucket for use in mixxing
4. millstone



 weber.neo latex




TTOUCH price


Box 12 gallon
  gallon 1 liter






Box 6 gallon
  gallon 5 liter






*This price have to add more 7% for Tax. 
To buy this weber tile adhesive please call Khun. Gong 081 6403638 and 02-3799065-7





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Weber Product

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