Flooring Primer
Tile Adhesive gecko brand or Weber

Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. be an agent sell Weber officially Treetouch Marketing Co.,Ltd. fully set the special price  for everybody contact then inform that contact with come from  Internet.  at Khun (Gong) 081-640-3638

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Saint-Gobain Weber Co.,Ltd.

Weber from the France  producer and leader of Cementitious Tile Adhesives business  and Morta worldly first.

" When Tiling  use Cementitious Tile Adhesives and Tile grout  gecko brand "
the project is all at use the products of Weber
- Magnolia  Bangna village project
- King Power a shop is duty-free
- California Fitness Wow
- Carrefour department store
- Millennium Hilton Hotel

- Champs Elysees Condominium
- Plus Park Avenue
- Swimming Pool Long Beach Hotel



Flooring Primer


using rate


TTouch price

set 2 Kg.

1 Kg./ 7 sq.m




Weber.prim 2

bucket 8 Kg.

1 Kg./ 53 sq.m




*This price have 7% for Tax. 
To buy this weber tile adhesive please call Khun. Gong 081 6403638 and 02-3799065-7


Weber Factory
Weber Factory is the biggest tile adhesive and tile grouting factory in South East Asia.

1. Weber garuntee in efficient of production and the best in transportation
2. Weber is a leading player in the construction products industry.
guarantee in quality products regularity with quality control products system.
3. guarantee in the analysis searches new products continuously.


Tile Grout
Flexible Tile Grout
Concrete Admixture
Paste Tile Adhesives
Cementitious Tile Adhesives
Tile Grout for Swimming Pools
repairing wall and ceiling substrates for perfectly smooth finishing
Efflorescence prevention tile grout for interior and exterior wall and floor
Extra narrow tile grout for joint width between 0.2-3 mm
High-performance cementitious adhesive for fixing all kinds of tiles with efflorescence prevention
light-weight tile adhesive
Weber Product

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