GP-Crystal Look Swimming Pool Tiles

GP-Crystal Look Swimming Pool Tiles

TTouch GP  T Touch Glazed Premium Tiles - Crystal Look Highly recommended for swimming pools or ponds. Normally used in resorts, spas and hotels. Can also be used for walls, and in kitchens, bathrooms etc.

  • This is a handmade ceramic tile.
  • TTouch GP is the most favourite tile used for swimming pools, mainly in luxury resorts and five stars hotels in Thailand such as All Season Hotel Bangkok, Grace Hotel in Phuket, see customer. click here
    •    Highly recommended by architects and interior designers
    •    It gives an unique color that looks like a natural touch.
    •    Durability
    •    It offers exclusivity.
    •    Environmentally friendly, non- toxic 
    (approved by MTEC)
    •    Fired at high temperature 1250°C - 1300°C
    •    It can be used in many places such as kitchens, in corridors, ,on walls etc.
    •    It's can be used in every climate.
    •    Very low in water absorption and is certified for use in swimming pools 
    (1 % approved by MTEC)

    Size available
  • Square size available 2"x2", 4"x4", 6"x6", 8"x8"
  • Rectangle size available 2"x4", 2"x6", 2"x8"
  • Click here to see Close Up Photos of GP Series

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GP-SG Special
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GP-106 Cream
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GP-205 Turquoise
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GP-213 Glossy Green
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GP-214 Aquamarine
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GP-216 Leaf Green
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GP-217 Verdue Green
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GP-306 Celadon Blue
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GP-307 Ocean Blue
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GP-311 Deep Sea Blue
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GP-312 Indigo Blue
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GP-313 Marine
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GP-314 Sky Blue
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GP-411 Peanut
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GP-412 Brown (G)
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GP-413 Amber
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GP-414 Honey
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GP-512 Pale Yellow
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GP-513 Ginger
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GP-514 Celadon Grey
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GP-215 Gem Green

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