GP-Natural Touch Swimming Pool Tiles

GP-Natural Touch Swimming Pool Tiles

TTouch GP-N  T Touch Glazed Premium Tiles - Natural touch
Highly recommended for swimming pool or pond. Normally use in resort, spa and hotel,
also can be used for wall, kitchen etc.

    • It's a handmade ceramic tile.
    • TTouch GP-N is the most favorable used for swimming pool, mainly in luxury resort and five stars hotels in Thailand such as All Season Hotel Bangkok, Grace Hotel in Phuket.
    • Highly Recommended by architects and interior designers  
    • It's gives an unique color looked like natural touch.
    • Durability
    • exclusively used
    • Evitonmental friendly,non toxic (approved by MTEC)
    •  Firing at high temperature 1250ºc - 1300ºc
    • It's can be used in many places such as kitchen, corridor, wall etc.
    • It's can be used in every climate. 
    • Very low in water absorbtion qualification passed to use in swimming pools (1 % approved by MTEC)

      Size available
    • Square size available: 2"x2", 4"x4", 6"x6", 8"x8"
    • Rectangle size available: 2"x4", 2"x6", 2"x8"
    • Click here to see Close Up Photos of GP Series

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GP-101 Natural White
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GP-104 Opaque White
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GP-106(N) Cream
View Enlarge
GP-202 Jade Green
View Enlarge
GP-203 Pale Green
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GP-205 Turquoise(N)
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GP-302 Royal Blue
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GP- Fleet Blue
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GP-306 Celadon Blue (N)
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GP-307 Ocean Blue (N)
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GP-402 Light Brown
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GP-403 Dark Laterite
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GP-405 Antique Brown
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GP-501 Orange
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GP-502 Karat
View Enlarge
GP-503 Almond
View Enlarge
GP-601 Maroon
View Enlarge
GP-602 Lilac
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GP-603 Powder Blue
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GP-604 Sunburst Yellow
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GP-605 Black

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