TG-S Swimming Pool Tiles

TG-S Swimming Pool Tiles

TTouch TG-S  T Touch Transparent Glazed Special Tiles
This is the newest product of our product line which gives you more precise in color and size. Now we provide you in crytral look only!!!

Highly recommended for swimming pool or pond. Normally use in resort, spa and hotel.
also can be used for wall, kitchen etc.
Size available
2"x2" , 4"x4", 6"x6" 

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TG-S Aquamarine
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TG-S Jade Green
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TG-S Golden Brown
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TG-S Golden Yellow
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TG-S Pink
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TG-S Dark Blue
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TG-S Andamun Blue
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TG-S Ceradol Blue
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TG-S Crystal Blue
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TG-S Classic Green
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TG-S Grey
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TG-S Indego Blue
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TG-S Light Pink
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TG-S Ocean Blue
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TG-S Peridot


Green Tone Swimming Pool Tile.
Green Tone Color Tile
Blue Tone Swimming Pool Tile.

 Brown Tone Swimming Pool Tile.
brown color tile

 Size available :

pool tile size

Swimming Pool Tiles

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