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When you are remodeling or building a new home, the type, design and the style of your flooring will be one of the most significant and visible blueprint decisions that you will make. The decisions will have a very significant impact on how your home will look like. Wood tile flooring is the most convenient and favorite choice of many. Tree Touch represents the new generation of high quality wood tile flooring of a patented glueless, innovative GripStrip technology.

These tiles are built to last. Our collections have a tough wooden finish that makes it suitable for retail shops, residential houses, healthcare, hospitality, education institution and corporate environments.

Our range of products are durable, flexible, water resistant and no adhesive required. They use a unique interlocking edge design for easy installation. We warrant our stylish products that when used under normal usage, will not fade, stain or wear resulting in the loss of the original color and pattern.

Our products can frequently be installed in entryways as they are both durable and attractive. The wood tiles offer an insulating, temperate feel underfoot and depending on whichever wood finish and species that you select, it will be relatively resistant to staining and scratching. Mold, pollen and animal dander do not in any way impact wood flooring.

 The wood tiles that you choose for your entryway and living room sets the tone and a feel good factor of your entire residence as it is the first thing that your guests will be seeing. When installed, your floor will be outstandingly attractive, while its style and design will definitely match your character and taste.


Tree Touch flooring is the most hard working aspects of your house, so opt for the quality wood tiles that are durable enough to endure the frequent foot traffic, rain, snow and mud that will most likely be tracked in your house on some occasion.

Wood Tiles

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