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 Beautiful Vinyl Wood Tiles For Your Floor

written by: Somphob K.


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1. Wallnut wood color


2. Apple wood color

 Apple wood

3. Beech wood color

Beech color wood

4. Mocha Oak wood tiles color

Mocha Oak wood

5. Burma Teak Color

Burma Teak

There are many different kinds of flooring that you can install in your home and office. Wood vinyl flooring is one of the best kind of floors for a number of reasons. It is also popular because it is very versatile. Tiles are preferred to vinyl sheets because when they are installed, they look more attractive. Tiles also enable you to come up with more designs as compared to wood vinyl sheets.

Some of the benefits of using and installing vinyl wood tiles in your home is that they are very durable. A vinyl floor will last a very long time with proper care and it does not need much maintenance. If you have small children, pets or you have many people in your home, your floors will not wear out fast because vinyl can withstand a lot of foot traffic. This makes it also suitable for offices and buildings which also tend to have plenty of foot traffic. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and is not easily damaged by dents, scratches, moisture and it is stain resistant. This ensures that your floor remains looking good for a very long time.

Wood vinyl tiles come in many different designs and shapes so you can be able to create the design that you would like to see. You can opt to have one design throughout your home or you may opt to have different designs for versatility. The wood vinyl tiles look like wooden floors which are classic and make your home look very expensive. There are vinyl tiles that look like dark hardwood flooring while you can also get others that are lighter in color. This kind of flooring makes your home look more expensive without necessarily spending a lot of money.

Vinyl wood tiles are warmer to step on especially when compared with stone flooring options such as ceramic, terrazzo, marble and others. The tiles are also cheaper than most other flooring options such as marble, wood, terrazzo and carpeting. The cost of the tiles and the installation process is cheaper than stone floors and actual wood floors.

The installation process is also very fast and easy and it will take only a short time as compared to installing other flooring options. If a certain part of your floor is damaged or worn out, then you can easily replace that part without having to re-do the whole floor. This is one of the main advantages of using wood vinyl tiles over wood vinyl sheets.

Cleaning vinyl is very easy as you just need to wipe it clean. It also does not absorb moisture as it is it is impervious to water. If you would like wooden floors I your bathroom but are put off by the potential water damage that your floors will undergo then wood vinyl tiles are a good option. The can also be used in other areas of your home that needs plenty of cleaning or areas where water is used a lot such as the kitchen. This is the perfect compromise as your floors will look like hardwood floors without the risk of damage. 


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