Swimming Pool Tile by RCI

Swimming Pool Tile

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such as  - Perfect Place Ramkhamhaeng and  Rattanathibet (Swimming Pool Tiles)
            - Khundan Dam  Nakornnayok 4000 square metre (Kenzai tiles)
            - The Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall over 3000 square metre (Kenzai tiles)

           RCI Tile receives the standard ASTM  which  world-class base. include many institutes where test first- class worldly tile.

AREA for use - Swimming Pool

RCI Swimming Pool Tile is TILE FOR " SWIMMING POOL "

- Semi Glossy Glaze tile with wet desiring Extrusion Process.

- Low Water Absorption than normal tiles can use in pool.

- Special key lock to improve stone installation.

- Various shape for example Anti-slip Groove, Nosing Tiles etc.

- High Chemical Resistance due to high firing temperature at 1,120°C

- Resist to Thermal Shock because the good mixing of fine and coarse grain Raw Material.

- More Thickness, More Stronger than other tiles to be stand with heavy load.

There are 2 selective sizes.

1. Rectangular shape with 4" x 9 "

2. Square shape with 6" x 6".

Technical Data of " swimming pool Tile " is same as " PYRO - GRES "


1. Soaking in water 30 - 60 minutes.

2. Lining Tile onto Basis with black Cement.

3. Joint should be 5 -10 mm.

4. Put enough Cement onto back side of the before stick onto Basis.

5. Clean out surface of Tile after lining with soft brush or spongy.

6. Let Cement to be natural dry for 24 hours

7. Then put color cement to cover joint.

Actual color may slighty different due to printing.


Project Reference of Swimming Pool tile of RCI.
My Way Hotel Huahin
swimming pool tile by RCI

rci pool tile

 RCI Tile 

Swimming Pool Tile


price must add  Vat 7%

Code : SD-150
Color : Blue
Size  : 6"x6" (15.5cmx15.5mx1.3cm)

price per box : 186 baht/box
piece per box : 20 piece/box
price per sq.m. 387.50 baht/sqm.
area per box         0.48 sqm./box

TTOUCH sell : 180.00 baht/box
TTOUCH sell:  380.00 baht/sqm

Code : RT-150
Color : Dark Blue, Sky Blue
Size  : 11cmx15cmx1cm

price per box : 186 baht/box
piece per box : 20 piece/box
price per sqm. - baht/sqm.
area per box          - sqm./box

TTOUCH sell : 180.00 baht/box
TTOUCH sell :               -      baht/sqm


Code : ED-150
Color : Dark Blue, Sky Blue
Size  : 8.5cmx15.5cmx2cm

price per box 495baht/box
piece per box : 20 piece/box
price per sqm.             -   baht/sq.m.
area per box                -   sqm./box

TTOUCH sell : 485.00 baht/box
TTOUCH sell:     -       baht/sqm


RCI Tile

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Swimming Pool Tile by RCI

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